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No furbaby can resist the OzPro RawFeast goodness! 


No furbaby can resist the OzPro RawFeast goodness! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

RawFeast = Freeze dried, it is one of the healthiest food options for your fur babies. Instead of being cooked and processed like traditional kibbles, RawFeast’s well chosen ingredients are frozen to -40° C right at the peak of their freshness, then subjected to high pressure to remove its moisture content.

Therefore, RawFeast’s pure meat is equivalent to 5 times the meat of its size. That’s not all, thanks to its minimal yet unique preservation technique, every ounce of RawFeast is preserved with the most original nutrition with original taste and crunchy texture.

OzPro RawFeast is a great freeze dried pet food with added essential minerals & vitamins that resembles the natural diet of your cats and dogs.

• NO Grains
• NO Salt & Seasoning
• NO Preservatives
• NO Colourings
• NO Harmful Additives
• NO Parasites
• Easy to Digest
• Light-weight
• Stable Shelf-life

The OzPro RawFeast Booster is a range of pet treats/toppers with different functional benefits. Please refer to our product description to choose the right booster for your pets. If you are not sure which booster is suitable for your pets, please let us know your requirements, we can recommend you some.

• The OzPro RawFeast Holistic Range offers complete and balanced diet for felines and canines. Different types of OzPro RawFeast Holistic contains different meat protein, please choose according to the preference and health requirements of your pets.

• The OzPro RawFeast Booster Range has a wide variety of functional booster that provides specific benefit for your pets. Please visit our product page for more details or contact us with your pet’s requirements for a tailored recommendation.

• Kitten / Puppy (1 -12 months old)
Daily portion should be 1.2% of pet’s weight in gram (g). 2-3 meals a day is recommended.
• Adult Cat / Dog (12 months and above)
Daily portion should be 0.8% of pet’s weight in gram (g). 1-2 meals a day is recommended.

Refrigeration is not needed. Please store in room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and keep dry.

OzPro RawFeast lasts 21 days in airtight containers (Our Booster range comes with an airtight bottle). Please store in room temperature away from direct sunlight and keep dry

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