RawFeast Bok Bok Bundle – Chicken (102g Breast & Cube) + Egg Yolk (150g) + Chicken Liver (102g)


Contain: Chicken (102g Breast & Cube) + Egg Yolk (150g) + Chicken Liver (102g)

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OzPro RawFeast Freeze-Dried Egg Yolk 5.3oz / 150g (750g)
A super source of fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and protein. One egg yolk contains a total of 19 different amino acids, including 10 essential amino acids for the cat. Rich in B Vitamins, which is the fuel for cat’s overall well-being and performance. Rich in Lysine, a very important amino acid that helps cats produce antibodies and enzymes that promotes cell regeneration and support the immune system. It is also helpful for calcium absorption for stronger bones.!

OzPro RawFeast Freeze Dried Chicken 3.6oz / 102g (510g).
Chicken is considered lean meat and it delivers Omega-6 fatty acids that help in maintaining healthy skin and shiny coats. It’s also a great source of essential amino acids and glucosamine, which helps promote bone health. It contains amino acids for heart muscle function, eye health and teeth health.

OzPro RawFeast Freeze Dried Chicken Liver 3.6oz / 102g (510g)
Rich in vitamin A. Must only make a small percentage in a cat’s diet – 5% most and only once or twice a week. High levels of vitamin A are toxic to the liver. Which is the major storage site of the vitamin. Kittens can develop loose teeth, gum problems and abnormalities with bone growth. Their bones can easily fracture. The symptoms of overdose may include: poor coat condition, bone pain, poor appetite, depression, lameness, yellowing of the teeth can sometimes occur, gingivitis and loose teeth.

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