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Lou Sang Bundle


OzPro Chinese New Year Bundle

This bundle includes:

1x RawFeast Double Signature Holistic Bundle (Beef Salmon 500g + Ostrich 450g)

1x RawFeast Booster – Salmon

1x RawFeast Booster – Venison

1x RawFeast Booster – Quail

1x RawFeast Booster – Capelin

1x RawFeast Booster – Cod Fish

1x RawFeast Booster – Chicken

1x RawFeast Booster – Duck

1x RawFeast Booster – Chicken Liver

1x RawFeast Booster – Egg Yolk

1x RawFeast Booster – Quail Egg Yolk

1x RawFeast Booster – Tuna



OzPro RawFeast is made from a range of well-chosen and fresh meat. Undergoing a process called freeze-drying, the meat is placed in a world-class freeze drying machine where 98% of the moisture is removed as the meat is subjected to -40’c temperatures and below. Maintaining all the nutrients and the integrity of the raw meat while extending its life span up to 18 months! Hence, all RawFeast are 5 times denser, which means 1g of OzPro RawFeast equals to 5g of raw meat.

No refrigeration is needed! Making it incredibly convenient to feed and highly nutritious!

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