How to make your cat slimmer

Obesity is always an issue for cats. But it’s not just the discomfort of carrying around a few extra pounds, that’s not the problem.

Overweight cats are more likely to suffer from other diseases including diabetes, arthritis and fatty liver syndrome, which can be lethal.

To help your cat lose weight, put an end to the all she can eat buffet. Because cats tend to graze, you should serve up a set number of calories per day.

Read on as you’ll find out some ways to counter this issue. Also here are some other factors that might help in making your cat slimmer.

1. Create an Enriched Environment



Creating an improved environment means making our homes friendlier to a cat’s natural behaviours in ways that increase activity and decrease stress. Stress can be a factor that leads to weight gain.


2. Play More, Treat Less



The study, “Human-Animal Relationship of Owners of Normal and Overweight Cats”
showed that owners of healthy weight cats played with their cats more often than owners of overweight cats. Bringing new toys and games into the cats day by day schedule can diminish weariness, lessen strain in multi-feline families, improve coordination and help felines bond with their human family.


3. Control Calories and Fat



Controlling calories and fat is the most ideal approach to enable a cat to get in shape from a dietary standpoint. In many cases, sustaining an eating routine that gives 60% to 70% of the calories expected to keep up the feline’s present body weight is a protected beginning stage for weight reduction. A veterinarian can help decide whether an eating routine is working for a particular feline.

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