How to choose the right cat food?

Wet canned food? Fresh BARF? Dry kibbles? Freeze dried raw food?

Choosing the best food for your cat can be overwhelming, and definitely sounds more complicated that human food.

With all different commercial claims and cat food options in the market, do you know what’s best for your cat?


Basic Nutrition for Cats
• Protein – chicken, poultry, fish, beef, venison

• Taurine – essential amino acids found in meat

• Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids

• Hydration – water

Types of Cat Food
The most popular cat food in the market is definitely KIBBLES, but are this type of dry food the best for cats? Check out the comparison below:

Freeze dried cat food is the most convenient and best food for your cat. Other than the pros listed above, there are several other benefits to freeze-dried cat food that you as a cat owner would appreciate:
• Grain & gluten free
• Raw food on the go
• Highly digestible – lesser poop
• Suitable for sensitive stomach
• Customizable

Shop freeze-dried goodies here. Your furbabies will thank you for it!

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