How to prepare when you have a new CAT:

Our 4 cats in 1 article edition. Enjoy reading cat lovers!

When buying or adopting a new cat, it is important to know the steps of taking care of them in the right way. Here are the basics to prepare your home when a new cat is coming!

1. Make sure your house or room is quiet for your cat for the first 2 weeks, so that they can get along well easily later on. That depends if you’re bringing back a joyful kitty which loves the presence of hoomans!

2. Always include the litter box, food and water. That depends on how you want the litter box to be. Covered, or not covered. Some people choose covered litter box to avoid bad odour.

3. Provide your cat with a lot of hiding places. It could be boxes, baskets, blankets or anything that might help your cat during their shy moments.

4. Once they’re fine with the environment, you’re finally good to go. Meaning, they’re ready to get to know you and the other cats you have in the house!


Either expensive breed or not, all cats need toys. It’s best to have a scratch place so they don’t get bored or spoil your furnitures. Other than that, it improves your cat’s health. Cats need to scratch for healthy claw. They too need to play for healthy growth.

Those are only the basic. It’s totally different when you have an expensive breed.

Let’s start with Persian Cats.

It’s pretty simple with the Persians. You have the basic and once you’re done getting all the basic needs, you need to get what’s needed for the Persian cat you have. Get the right comb that works well on Persian fur. Brush your baby’s fur daily.


Transmitting your Ragdoll kitten/cat into your home. “The most important thing after basic needs is to always make sure your Ragdoll feels comfy at home!”
They’re really sensitive. Therefore, the space you choose to keep them has to be fun, pleasant, loving and safe. YES, that’s a lot of room criteria for one
breed of cat! That’s a RAGDOLL! *purrs and winks.

Combing a ragdoll’s fur is important but what they need more is open space. Meaning, if they were to be indoor, you need to have a window where they get to see the outside world. Ragdolls are playful.

They get bored easily so prepare with a lot of toys. Human affection is also needed so don’t forget to play with your Ragdoll, cat lovers! They’re explorers, what can you do *purrs and winks.

They’re called MUNCHKIN for their short and chubby legs.

Despite those short legs, they can run as fast as any other cat. HOWEVER, due to the shortness, they can’t reach high places, so being outdoor isn’t a great idea as they’ll never get to runaway easily from predators.

They’re a HIGHLY SOCIAL! While they don’t need much special care, they do need attention as they love interacting. Other than that, it’s the same as a Persian cat. Combing its fur is a must to keep their fur free of tangles.

Unlike other cats, taking care of a Maine Coon requires commitment. In essence, Maine Coons require nutritious food and regular grooming.
Owners should keep their feline babies healthy with plenty of exercise and play time!

Of all the cats, we think keeping a Maine Coon is like having a real baby. Every little thing needs to be specific and enough for your furry baby. Refer to the right box for details if you own a Maine Coon. *winks and purrs

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