Tip for cat adoption

You’ve got a full cat fam and thinking of getting more?
Purrrfore that, read this up to give you some guide on cat adoption! So, what do you need to do before adopting a cat? SIMPLE. Make sure they are:

-Rabies Free and Vaccinated
-Microchipped ( If you want them to)
-Have gone to a physical exam, includes ear mites
-Have had flee treatment


Sometimes it’s best to have them feline kids to brighten up your day! Don’t have one? Don’t worry. You could adopt one today! It’s time to spend some time at the animal shelter to find out the right companion to cheer your life! Meow, here are 7 tips to make your cat adoption experience worth it – for the both you and your cat! Yurr ready?

1. Don’t judge a cat by its colour

You probably like the colour black and think the right cat choice would be the black one BUT don’t rush cat lovers! Wait for the right one to approach you to know if there’s a chemistry goin’ on! You need to choose those who clicks with you the MOST! Don’t rush while you pick, meow.

2. Personality and lifestyle are important
Yes, looks are important indeed but when choosing a cat for adoption, looks don’t really matter. What matters is your personality and lifestyle. Usually the staff at the cat shelter will ask you or you can let them know how your lifestyle is. This is to choose the right cat for you. If you’re sociable and have friends at home all the time, you need a laid-back cat who won’t flinch at the comings and goings. If you work a lot, you may not want to keep a long-haired cat.

3. Be prepared to fill out an application

Filling out the application is a must, in any cat shelter you visit. The reason for the application is to make sure you’re fit enough to adopt. If you’re renting, your landlord has to approve to the cat adoption. The shelter will call up your veterinarian to ask you regarding the other cats at home, if they’re all vaccinated and well taken care of. Once you’ve completed everything, THE CAT IS ALL YOURZ!

4. If you have a room, bring home a bonded pair

Cats are just like us -HOOMANS! They probably met a new friend or is still close to their brothers or sisters so separating them wouldn’t be a nice to do. It’s either you take them both or choose another single kitty. They grieve too, so it’s recommended that you don’t separate a bonded pair. Sometimes the shelter will give you a discount if you take them both. The more the merrier!

5. Consider adopting an adult cat

If you get annoyed easily, an adult cat is the best choice. They don’t do crazy things like what kittens do, such as climbing your curtains, biting your charger, munching your socks and going through your closet etc. Remember cat lovers, well cared cats can live up to 16 or 17 (or much longer) !!

6. Give children age-appropriate cat-care chores

Having a cat doesn’t just mean keeping a cat and not cleaning it. Guide your kids through so they’ll know how to do the cat-care chores properly like cleaning the litter box. Maybe your kid is too small, then start with simple chores
like combing the cat’s fur or sweeping the cat’s area. It’s always important to keep your cats in a clean environment!


You may be coming back from a long day of work and having a bad day but don’t worry. Your cats will definitely cheer you up. Think of this cat lovers, isn’t it wonderful to have a cat greeting you and welcoming you once you come back? Isn’t that just the best feeling?

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