How to Tell if Your Dog or Cat Is Overweight

Chubby cats and dogs do look extra adorable! Let’s not body shame our pets, but the extra fat they carry might also be a potential health risk to them. Not too skinny, but not too chubby at the same time. What’s the ideal weight for your cats and dogs? Let’s take a look!

Helping your pets maintain a healthy weight is important, especially to avoid illnesses such as diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases or worsen other conditions such as arthritis or occurring health issues.

Active lifestyle and food play significant roles in maintaining your pet’s weight at a healthy level. The type of food given, method of feeding and keeping fit does affect your pet’s weight. Remember to choose pet food wisely by making sure it is nutritional enough for your fur kids, but also be careful not to overfeed. Give your pet a complete and balanced diet with OzPro RawFeast Freeze-Dried Pet Food.

For a more accurate assessment of your pet’s weight condition, consult your veterinarian to ensure your pet’s weight and growth are on the right track!

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