What is Freeze-Dried Raw Pet Food?

Freeze-dried pet food is essentially raw food for your cat or dog, made in an easy-to-prepare nugget or kibble form. By freeze-drying, nutrition and freshness are preserved, removing only the moisture. Removing moisture from raw pet food deactivates bacteria and also makes parasites impossible to survive, resulting in a longer and more stable shelf life. This process heightens the benefits of a raw food diet and offsets its cons


raw pet food freeze dried


Freeze-dried pet food is highly versatile, it can be served as it is as a main dish or as snacks, soak it in the water to rehydrate and “resurrect” it to its raw form, or lightly pound it and sprinkle on your cat or dog’s food as an extra boost of nutrition.

Benefits of freeze-dried pet food:

  • Convenient – raw food on the go!
  • Optimal nutrition
  • Balance & wholesome diet
  • Palatable
  • No harmful additives, colouring, preservatives, and/or fillers
  • Versatile feeding options
  • No parasites
  • Does not crowd your freezer
  • Stable shelf life




Now you know your ABCs on freeze-dried pet food! It’s time to figure out which one is the best for your furry babies.


Shop freeze-dried goodies here. Your furbabies will thank you for it!

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