5 Crazy Dog Behaviours Explained

At times, you might see your dog act out in strange ways that you might not be able to comprehend. It might seem crazy at first, but it could just be your dog being a dog. So let’s see what their strange behaviours mean!

#1 Getting the Zoomies

When your dog starts getting the zoomies, it gets a sudden burst of energy, causing them to run around like crazy. Most times, they get zoomies because they’re happy. Another common occasion for them to have zoomies is after bath. Possible reasons for this could be out of relief, trying to dry off themselves, or they might roll around to get rid of the weird new scent from bathing. It might look frantic from a dog owner’s perspective, but it’s a common dog behaviour!

#2 Eating Poop

A variety of reasons can contribute to your dog’s poop snacking. Tracing back to a dog’s ancestral survival instincts, they evolved as scavengers and poop as a protein source when nothing else is available. On a more behavioural aspect, if you have been punishing them for pooping accidents in the house, they will associate their poop with your anger. To prevent themselves from getting punished, they eat it to ‘eliminate the evidence’.

#3 Sniffing Butts

When your dog sniffs another dog’s butt, consider it as their way of making small talk and getting to know that other dog. Compared to humans, a dog’s ability to smell is far more advanced, about 100,000 times more. By sniffing, dogs can figure out the dog’s gender, reproductive status, health status, temperament, and sometimes even emotions. Apparently, such scents are especially strong around the genitals and anus, thus butt-sniffing.

#4 Relocating Food

Moving their food from one place to another could mean that your dog is trying to protect his valued resources, especially when other animals are present. They could also be storing it for later consumption. In cases where they feel their food could be taken away by others, it is best to create an environment where they feel safe to eat. If you have other animals present, try to place their food bowls further apart from each other and give a sufficient amount of food, so they don’t feel the need to save or hide it.

#5 Howling

You’ll often hear your dogs howl when they hear loud or high-pitched noises. It could be an ambulance, a garbage truck, a violin, a flute and so on. Some dog owners think that dogs howl to these noises because their ears are hurting. In fact, the reason is related to ancestral behaviours. Dogs communicate through howls. That’s why you might hear another dog howling in response to your dog’s howl. It is a way for them to tell other dogs that something is here!

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