Why You Shouldn’t Cook Your Pet’s Food

The Importance of Raw Food

Raw food is designed to give your cats and dogs the type of food they evolved to eat. It is actually a mimic of their ancestral diet which means what they would naturally eat in the wild.

As raw food is cooked, the nutritional value is altered. Heating and cooking process results in the loss of valuable nutrients that your cat and dog needs to thrive. The loss of valuable nutrients will affect your pet’s nutritional needs to stay fit and healthy.

The Concerns of Raw Food

While raw food is highly nutritious and beneficial to your pet’s health, there are several concerns about serving raw food. Raw meat needs to be handled with utmost care to prevent cross-contamination with other food.

For instance, practising a proper method of storing raw meat and to preserve its freshness. Since raw meat needs to be frozen for storage, it takes time to unfrozen and serve the food. Another concern is bacterias and parasites from raw meat that hold potential health risks to both the human and pet.

OzPro RawFeast®

The Safer Alternative for Raw Food

OzPro realizes the struggle of most pet owners in providing a nutritious diet to their pets with raw meat. For that, we have designed RawFeast® freeze-dried pet food for both the good of the pets and the convenience of pet owners. RawFeast® is raw meat freeze-dried at -60°C, meaning all nutrients in the form of raw meat are retained. Since the raw meat is freeze-dried, pet owners can safely store and serve the food with ease.

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