How to Tell if Your Cat Is Mad at You

Felines are mysterious creatures. Is it feeling neutral, happy, or angry? You might fall into confusion trying to decipher their mixed signals! Here are some signs that your cat is secretly angry at you…

#1 Growling or Hissing

It’s not just dogs who growl. Cats do too! If your cat gives you a throaty growl or a serpent-like hiss, you know it’s angry.

#2 Glaring

You can see it in their eyes, and perhaps you can even feel it too. When your cat gives you ‘the look’ with dilated pupils or a swishing tail, it is trying to tell you they’re upset about something. 

#3 Hiding

When your cat is unhappy or scared, they’ll hide away from you. Rather than dragging it out and forcing it to socialize, give it some time to approach you when it feels ready.

#4 Sudden Fluffiness

So your cat is crouching with its back arched, looking all fluffy with a bushy tail. It looks adorable, but you might want to resist the urge to pet it till it calms down.

#5 Airplane Ears

Your cat’s ears are flat against its head, and it looks like an airplane getting ready to take off. Your cat could be angry at you, or it could be angry at something else, but whatever the reason, it is definitely upset.

#6 Biting

Unless it’s a playful bite, getting a bite on your hand when you pet your cat could be your cat telling you to ‘leave me alone’ or ‘enough petting for now’.

#7 Twitchy Tail

Your cat’s tail is placed low, swaying quickly in back and forth and side to side motion. Now would be a good time to stop whatever you’re doing that’s annoying your cat.

#8 Peeing Everywhere

This could be a sign that your cat is distressed or angry, especially if it’s targeting all the soft surfaces in your house. Be sure to seek veterinary help before it becomes a habit.

At times, judging from a single sign is not enough to understand what’s on the mind of your feline friend. Keep in mind to observe all the other cues shown for a better perception!

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