3 Myths and Truths About Feeding Your Cat

Myth #1

Free-Feeding Cats Is Fine

Free feeding means having unlimited food available at all times. While cats do enjoy this feeding method, it needs to be carried out with caution. Cats are used to having multiple small meals throughout the day, but having a free flow of food might lead to issues such as being overweight. Remember to set the amount of food according to your cat’s weight to balance the nutrient and food intake.

That said, if you are feeding your cats OzPro RawFeast®, the daily portion for kittens should be 1.2% of its weight in grams with a recommendation of 2 to 3 meals per day. As for adult cats, the daily portion should be 0.8% of the cat’s weight in grams with a recommendation of 1-2 meals per day.

Myth #2

Milk Is Good For Cats

Contrary to common beliefs, most adult cats are lactose intolerant and consuming milk can cause gastrointestinal upset. Though milk is not a great nutrient source for cats, it can be fed as a treat and in minimal portions. Instead of milk, plain water should suffice as their main source of hydration.

In cases where your cat is less keen on drinking water, another great way to make sure your cat’s water intake is enough is by feeding them wet food.  All OzPro RawFeast pet food can be fed as wet food. Simply add in water to soak the freeze-dried pet food, and it will be ready to eat in just a few minutes.

Myth #3

Vegetarian or Vegan Diet Is Healthier For Cats

As a cat owner, it is vital to note that cats are obligate carnivores which means that they must eat meat and that meat is an absolute biological necessity due to their ancestral diets. Though it is fine to include a small amount of vegetables in your cat’s diet, they don’t need it to stay healthy. In short, the ideal diet for your cat should be primarily a meat-based protein diet.

OzPro understands what every cat needs in aspects of diet and nutrition. For that, we offer a wide range of palatable boosters to give your furbaby a nutritious diet with OzPro RawFeast® Boosters. Better yet, give your cats a complete and balanced diet with our OzPro RawFeast® Holistic range. Shop OzPro RawFeast® range here.

Remember that every cat is different, and their diet might vary too! Always check with your vet if your cat requires any special diet or if you have any questions to fulfil your cat’s nutrient necessities.

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