Optimum Freshness with Recyclable Quality Packaging

To retain our RawFeast freeze-dried products’ optimum freshness, we unanimously opted to invest in better quality packaging and sealing methods! Our bottles are made using PET Type 1 plastic that is fully recyclable and is widely accepted by recycling centres in Malaysia.

Our OzPro bottles have gone through 3 versions so far. When we first started, our bottles were hand-sealed; due to this method, the bottles were not completely airtight and was susceptible to human error.

We opted for machine sealing with an added silica gel sachet on our second try, but then our bottles were too thin, and the plastic walls collapsed in on itself! Oops! 😅🤦🏻‍♀️

The third times the charm! We upgraded to a thicker bottle that is heavier and pricier but much more heavy-duty – and so much more worth it! This current packaging can provide an airtight seal to keep your RawFeast fresh without collapsing in on itself!


Packaging Upgrade


Contrary to popular belief, PET Type 1 plastic bottles are better than waxed kraft paper ziplock bags. Type 1 plastic is the best form of plastic to be recycled or reused and is widely accepted by recycling centres because they’re not mixed with other materials. New containers can easily be made from the old ones, and the recycling rate is high.

Although popular with local brands due to their low-cost, Kraft paper bags are often waxed on the inside or lined with plastic to retain the product’s freshness. This, unfortunately, makes the entire packaging unrecyclable.

We put much thought into our packaging, not only for the consumer but also for the environment. We are constantly working to ensure the best possible quality with thought for affordability. Will this be the last of our packaging update? We sure hope not!

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What do you do with your empty OzPro bottles? Do you reuse them or send them for recycling? Let us know in the comments below!

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