What is Novel Protein in Pet Food?

What is Novel Protein?

Novel protein simply means new protein. Instead of common protein used in conventional pet food, novel protein is any type of protein that is less mainstream.

Benefits of Novel Protein

Not only is Novel Protein a great source of nutrients. It is also highly suitable for pets with sensitive stomach and food allergies. 

Why Novel Protein?

Not only can Novel Protein help alleviates allergic reactions in both cats and dogs, but it’s also less irritative for pets with sensitive digestions. Besides, novel proteins are mostly lean and clean meat which gives your pet a balanced nutrition and growth. Check out the graphic below to find out more!

#1 Alleviates Allergies​

#2 Suits Sensitive Stomachs​

#3 Lean and Clean Diet​

Try Novel Protein

At OzPro, we have a whole range of freeze-dried raw meat that contains novel protein! With a wide variety of flavours, take your pick on our novel protein range which consists of duck, venison, ostrich, quail and quail egg yolk!

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